Natural way of growing bone
A unique solution when rapid
and optimal bone regeneration
is required

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An easy-to-use
bone healing paste

Safer and better performing bone graft substitute

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Full preclinical safety and performance package as a medical device

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News and releases

Tiedote 3.6.2019: Kaupallinen johtaja Paul Watkins esitteli yhtiötämme Småbolagsdagen-päivillä Tukholmassa Katso esitys.

Release 3.6.2019: CCO Paul Watkins presented our company at Småbolagsdagen in Stockholm Watch the presentation.

Tiedote 16.5.2019: Paul Watkins BBS:n johtoryhmään Lue lisää.

Release 16.5.2019: Paul Watkins, a Chief Commercial Officer of BBS. Read more.

Growing market for bone graft

Almost 3 million bone graft operations annually worldwide

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