Natural way of growing bone
A unique solution when rapid
and optimal bone regeneration
is required

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An easy-to-use
bone healing paste

Safer and better performing bone graft substitute

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Full preclinical safety and performance package as a medical device

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News and releases

Tiedote 22.3.2019: Tilinpäätöstiedote 2018 Lue lisää.

Release 22.3.2019: Financial Statement Bulletin 2018 Read more.

Tiedote 15.3.2019: Kutsu varsinaiseen yhtiökokoukseen 5.4.2019 Lue lisää.

Release 15.3.2019: Invitation to annual general meeting 5.4.2019 Read more.

Growing market for bone graft

Almost 3 million bone graft operations annually worldwide

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