The releases by BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes Plc will be published on these pages. You will also find links to news and presentation materials.

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Regulatory releases can be found here:

Release 14.6.2018: BBS’s ARTEBONE-product as an example in the Manual of classification of medical devices. Read more.

Tiedote 14.6.2018: BBS:n ARTEBONE-tuote esimerkkinä lääkinnällisten laitteiden luokitteluohjekirjassa. Lue lisää.

Article at Niveltieto 2/2018: Poronluusta apua luumurtumiin ja luutumisongelmiin. Read more.
Link to Suomen Nivelyhdistys ry.

Release 16.3.2018: Leverage from the EU 2014-2020 -programme of European Union Regional Development Fund supports our company in developing the production environment. Read more.

Nyheten i VA FINANS 28.2.2018: Läs mer.

News at Tekniikka&Talous 14.2.2018: Read more.

News at Turun Sanomat 14.2.2018: Read more.

News at Kauppalehti 14.2.2018: Read more.

News at Kauppalehti 31.1.2018: Read more.

News at Kaleva 31.1.2018: Read more.

TV News at YLE 28.11.2017:

News at YLE 27.11.2017: Read more.

News at Kauppalehti 10.11.2017: Read more.

Release 13.11.2017: The clinical study of ARTEBONE has been completed. Read more.

Release 24.8.2017: A new patent granted to BBS. Read more.

Release 22.3.2017: International meetings in San Diego. Read more.

Release 7.3.2016: New members to the board. Read more.

Release 3.3.2017: New members to the board of BBS. Read more.

Release 30.9.2015: Authorization for manufacturing granted by Fimea. Read more.