BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes Plc: CFO will change on 1 February, 2021


BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes Plc, Company Announcement on 1 February 2021 at 3:35 pm (UTC +2:00)

MSc. (Tech) Liisa Hukka from Talenom Plc. has been appointed chief financial officer (CFO) of BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes PlC (”BBS”, ”the Company”). Hukka will take up her position on 1 February, 2021, when the Company’s current CFO Hannu Säynäjäkangas retires. Hukka works on BBS’ Management Team and reports to the CEO.  

Hukka has extensive experience in industrial financial management in both international listed companies and domestic growth companies. She is specialized in financial management in transition and growth phases of companies. For the past 5 years, Hukka has worked as a financial administration consultant at Talenom. Prior to that, she worked as CFO at Nestor Cable and in various financial management and business support positions at the Dutch Draka Holding BV Group. Hukka holds M.Sc. in Production Management. She also holds MSc from Cranfield University in the UK.  

With the change of CFO, BBS has switched to using Talenom's accounting firm and financial management services.

The company’s Management Team consists of Ilkka Kangasniemi CEO, Liisa Hukka CFO, Soile Hakala QD, Hanna Tölli COO and Mikko Viitanen Director of QC.

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BBS – Bioactive Bone Substitutes Plc

BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes Plc is a Finnish orthobiologic biotech company. We have developed a new product for healing of difficult bone fractures and for solving the problems in bone healing. Our mission is to offer new generation medicinal products for the orthopedic surgery. The research and development in the field of medicine requires perseverance and courage to develop new things.  We have over 20 years of expertise in this. Our operations are characterised by top expertise, innovativeness and dedicated and committed employees. The first product, ARTEBONE® paste, is ready and the application process for the CE-marking enabling commercialization is in progress.

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BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes Plc shares are listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland and Nasdaq First North Growth Market Sweden. The company’s Certified Adviser is Stockholm Certified Advisers AB, p. +46 70 5516 729,