An easy to use
bone healing

ARTEBONE® is a next generation bone graft substitute containing two main components of bone: bone proteins and mineral scaffold where bone forming cells can grow.

It is used primarily for the treatment of bone defects and healing problems in extremities such as foot and ankle. In the future, ARTEBONE® can be expanded for other indication areas including tibia and spine.

ARTEBONE® is a ready-to-use paste in a convenient and user-friendly syringe

Key product benefits

For surgeons and hospitals

  • An excellent alternative to bank bone or autograft
  • Cost effective reducing overall treatment costs and operation theatre time
  • Easy and ready-to-use in syringe
  • Excellent batch-to-batch consistency
  • Excellent stability, the ready-to-use implant has a shelf-life of two years
  • Consistent supply ensured by unlimited amount of raw material
  • No excess and uncontrollable bone formation
  • Patient outcome is improved, less time spent in hospitals
  • Decreases morbidity due to lack of complications caused by bone harvesting

For patients

  • Only one surgery required
  • Less time spent in hospital
  • No toxicity, no human disease transmission risk and no known side effects
  • Possible adverse events minimized